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Casting Creme Gloss

Client L'Orèal Italia
Year 2021
Service Advertising
With L'Orèal Italia, we created a local video production for the repositioning of Casting Creme Gloss, through a fluid storytelling, scalable across multiple media formats, where we transformed the product's how-to into a haircare moment helping consumers glow in life.

To capture the interest of the new target - young women who use social media – we created a new expression of wonder "Che Glossy!": a signature gesture to transform Casting Creme Gloss into the emblem of brilliance and imprint it in the imagination of GenZ through a new idiom, able to become a real shared cultural reference. In addition, we set the video in a beauty spa, the latest trend in the beauty world. A new, modern, cozy, carefree place with a sparkling design, perfect to cluster the target's interests and the glamorous attitude of Casting Creme Gloss. The protagonist of our story is a face known to the people of the internet: Annie Mazzola, who shows with a simple choreography the main steps of the how-to, linked to moments of pure fun and carefree: MIXA, SHAKERA, MASSAGGIA.


We created a liquid hero video with a tik tok style direction, which can be used in different social formats (bim, bumper, stories), shared on different platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and used in order to have different focus: ingredients, benefits, how to.